Ideas for the Server Update

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Hello, I am grandepsycho and sinde the last big Patch I play Astroneer really often. I have already played it since the really early Early Access.

I readed that there is coming a sever- system soon. I am really hyped at this and it would be cool if you would make it like this (or just realize some ideas):

--System Era create and host some servers. The amount of them and the slot- capacity is based on the amount of active Astroneer players.

--Every player has his own planet system on 1 server. If you progress at, you can buy another planet system on another server with bytes (like 50k and 110k for the next one and more and more...) (or real money if you don't like my idea) Sure you cannot collect 110k bytes with 1 planet system, so subtract those 110k of the summary of both of your planet systems. --Every player can reset his planet system on a server with bytes. You can keep some material.

--On a server, other players can join your planet system. They spawn on the planet you are at the moment. To join another players PS, you have to fly with a shuttle to it. When arrived, you can give permissions to other players (like -Can they take or remove items and machines; Can they destroy any ground; can they change energy cables; and more). You can EXACTLY decide what players may do and what they don't.

I hope you like some of my ideas. If YOUR ideas are completely different, then i'm sorry for wasting your time. And maybe you have already thought of all those things, then im sorry too ;)

-grandepsycho, Astroneer player and lover